What is a Virtual Office?

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A Virtual Office is an address at a physical office location that your company uses as your business address for a monthly fee. This prevents you from having to disclose your home address for security and privacy reasons, as well as being able to present a more professional business image.

There is a huge cost benefit because you do not have to rent a physical office space and you are not committing to what could be a long-term overhead. This allows you to continue running your businesses from home whilst maintaining a professional, public-facing business address on your marketing materials. 

A Virtual Office can also give your company a business address in a city that you operate in but where you feel you don’t need physical space.

You can also choose to have a geographically appropriate landline number operated via your mobile phone, and you can have access to meeting rooms at your business address so you can meet with clients, host presentations, or get together with colleagues as required.

In conclusion, a Virtual Office is ideal for – 

  • Business owners who work from home but want to keep their home address private
  • Companies that want to operate in a specific city but don’t need physical office space
  • Startups and small businesses that want to minimise overheads at the outset

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