About Us

Bureau Plus offers virtual office services in Aberdeen and is owned and managed by Mike and Lynne Watson, who have lived and worked in the Aberdeen area for over 25 years. Both Mike and Lynne have a firmly established network across Aberdeen, meaning they are well placed to assist any type of business to develop its local presence.

Mike Watson

Mike founded both Aberdeen Business Network and Aberdeen Business News, both of which he developed over several years and subsequently sold. As well as being a Director of Bureau Plus he now runs MWA Digital, helping companies automate their marketing and business development using the most appropriate digital marketing tools.

Lynne Watson

Lynne trained as an architect and project manager before going on to establish leasing agency Stonehouse Property, which she ran for 8 years building it into a very successful company that was subsequently sold. Lynne now works solely on Bureau Plus, with a specific interest in developing remote working techniques.

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