Whether you are just thinking about starting a business or have actually launched your startup business (either part-time or full-time) you will have lots of decisions to make, lots of information to digest and lots of questions that need to be answered.

Our ‘Seven Steps to Start Your Business’ is a free download, and while by no means exhaustive it aims to give a brief overview of the main things that need to be considered by any startup business and, where applicable, will focus particularly on Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

The seven steps we cover are:

Step 1: What and Why?

Step 2: Research and Validation

Step 3: Company Structure

Step 4: Business Planning

Step 5: Training and Development

Step 6: Networking

Step 7: Marketing

To get the free download just fill in your email address below and the document will be emailed straight to you.

If we can help you with your business or business idea  through our network of contacts, by using our personal experience, or simply as a sounding board please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!

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