Guide to Local SEO after you set up your ‘Google My Business’ page


Many marketing experts say that the number one task when you start developing your local SEO strategy is to set up your Google My Business page.

If you missed our last post, you can see our advice on setting up Google My Business here.

But what is local SEO?

It is simply the act of searching on Google with the added search term of the location you want to restrict your search to.

If you search “best winter boots” and hope to be linked to an online shop that is not local SEO.

But if you search “best vegan restaurant in Aberdeen”, this is local SEO. Because the browser is not interested in the best vegan restaurants, they are interested in eating vegan food in Aberdeen.

So if you deliver your service in a specific location – city or region – then you need to grasp the fundamentals of local SEO.

The perfect primer for developing a local SEO strategy comes from marketing software provider, Hubspot.

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO in 2020

Or here is a more definitive guide –

The Definitive Guide (2020)

If you prefer to watch a video, have a look at this one from search experts IgniteVisibility.

Hopefully you’ll find these links useful when setting up your own local SEO but if you have any difficulty please contact us.

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