Doctor, I Need a Hot Desk

Some people swear by their 9 to 5 working space and love to fill it with clutter, germs and those printed out emails from months ago - and goodness knows we’ve all had that co-worker whose desk has more food on it than an American style buffet. Hot desking, in addition to being more cost effective and having ample networking opportunities, can indeed have a positive impact on health and creativity.

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In today’s technically advanced society, the internet has allowed us to complete work from anywhere at a rate of fast, but considering things from a health aspect can highlight a few concerns.

Set desks encourage sedentary work and as we all know, parking yourself at a large desk all day is not the way to a healthier lifestyle. This light almost unattached feeling Hot Desking brings, enables you to work more freely without the thought of being tied down to your desk. There won’t be mountains of paperwork on your desk or co workers constantly coming to ask you nonsensical questions. This in turn will give you the feeling and freedom to move around and let the creativity flow. Some health experts have even  recommended taking roughly half the working day to do other things rather than sitting which can obviously benefit your health, so in the long run, the freedom and movement you incur from Hot Desking could save your life. Click here for further tips to stay healthy at your desk

The exciting life of Hot Desking also promotes cleanliness and thoughtful behaviour. If you are only assigning yourself to a desk for half a day you are less likely to leave clutter or festering food and become more focussed on obtaining your outcome for the day in your set space. You know your time is limited (because you will have probably set that time limit yourself) and therefore are able to achieve your goals to a stricter deadline. In addition not having the stress of your working hours being set in stone gives you the freedom to organise other areas of your life and this overall freedom and self control will undoubtedly impact on your happiness and well being.  

So in the grand scheme of things, with the obvious cost savings, networking opportunities and health benefits now highlighted, Hot Desking is proving more valuable and beneficial to you, your health and your business.

Find out more about Hot Desking space at The Soap Factory here - and contact us for your free trial!

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